Before medium and high voltage switchgears are released for mass production the components pass many routine tests and the factory-built plant itself goes through an extensive type testing.This is to secure the life span of the plant and to minimize the risk that errors occur during operation, which can lead to personal injury or property damage. For our customers we do type tests for example in the test facilities of IPH Berlin or FGH Mannheim.

Among the typical development tests are mechanical function tests, life span test of contacts and drives, heating tests at rated current, switching capacity, short circuit making and breaking capacity, EMC- testing, partial discharge tests, frequency withstand voltage measurement and lightning impulse voltage measurements. This we carry out in collaboration with our longtime partner institutes at colleges and universities.


Part of our consulting work is also the participation in tests of your products;
even if these were not developed by B&E. Before and after the tests we give you recommendations to design modifications and evaluate with you the results.



Examples of tests according to standards 


• common specifications for example for temperature tests, frequency withstand voltage and lightning impulse voltage according to IEC62271-1
• circuit breakers according to IEC 62271-100
• compact stations according to IEC62271-202
• switchgears according to IEC 62271-200, -203

We also do for you further development tests according DLT, GB, GOST, IEEE, GL.